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Posted on : 11-09-2010 | By : Vipin Konnect | In : Amember, Membership

The Market has become extremely sensitive. That has meant, that the Seller needs to segment the market, meaning more involvement. Then again, a research on the customer buying behavior. A marketeer’s opinion- the user doesn’t want to pay for recurring invoices when its a small amount incurred, however the same buyer would rather pay in installments when it came to larger amount.

These structure basically mean that when you go online one needs to implement these very strategies. The other day we were simultaneously discussing with two clients, geographically separate, different user groups, with different strategies. Both the clients were interested in Third Party Software Integrations. Why? Well that discussion shall be taken up separately, but quite simply two reasons- Cost effective, and quicker development!

What we were discussing quite simply came down to two Client Types. One, an enterprise level company, and a willing to explore more avenues with staff to deploy for Software Administration, and the other a Small and Medium enterprise focused at quicker turn around, and dependent on thyself and minimalistic employee involvement.

What came out as an outcome where two software’s, made for each client- AmemberWishlist, where selected. Each of them having their own set of features, provided an ideal environment for each targeted market these clients were targeting

Amember (with the latest aMember Pro 3.1.9)- for the next generation Enterprise

Easy to use, installation comes free, Open source platform, integrates with 40 different types of apps, Integration with Drupal, Joomla etc. Host of features- Multi-type membership, file-restriction, Affiliate, cron settings, recurring billing, Integrated with- eway, authorize.net, paypal, google checkout.

Wishlist Member- for the Entrepreneur

Again easy to install, seamless and made to order integration with WordPress (The Blogging platform), Sequential upgrade, content permission, Paypal and codex integration.

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