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MeeGo OS – a joint venture between Nokia and Intel


Posted on : 12-12-2010 | By : Vipin Konnect | In : MeeGo

MeeGo OS

MeeGo OS on Nokia

MeeGo OS on Nokia

MeeGo, a joint venture between Intel and Nokia, is a Linux-based open source mobile operating system. MeeGo is the combined result of two projects one from Intel on Moblin and the other of Nokia on Maemo. MeeGo brings the experience and skills of these two giants, versed in communications and computing technologies. It is believed that these two giants can develop the foundation for the next generation.

MeeGo, being an open source, is intended to run on a variety of hardware platforms including handhelds, in-car devices, netbooks and televisions. The MeeGo project will continue to expand platform support as new features are incorporated and new form factors emerge in the market. MeeGo is specifically designed for portable devices like smart phones, netbooks. Apart from these devices MeeGo has been extended to TVs, Vehicles and many more devices.

MeeGo has its cross-platform support of both Intel and ARM chips, the latter currently popular in mobile devices like Apple’s iPhone. ARM chips has got low power consumption needs.

The MeeGo has come up with an advantage for developers also. Now developers can write the code once and then can deploy to a number of platforms which includes all devices from smartphones, netbooks, TVs and other devices. MeeGo has given a tough competetion to it competetiers like Google and Apple.

Nokia and Intel have not forgotten their existing developers. Developers who have been developing application on Maemo and Moblin can successfully run their application on MeeGo easily. Symbian developers, dont get depressed. Nokia is not leaving Symbian as of now. Nokia will still continue with Symbian OS.


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