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IT making a new headway- Cloud Computing


Posted on : 09-08-2011 | By : Amitav C | In : Cloud Computing, SaaS

Cloud computing means businesses that allows for minimum investment and a reliable method for the IT-oriented world.

‘Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without talking about the other.’   – Bill Gates

Well, that’s what Bill Gates has to say, and why not, every aspect of the human self is inextricably getting connected with knowingly or unknowingly to the silicon chip.

I was born in an era, where newspapers couldn’t print color, where televisions had black and white screens, where travelling fast was luxury, where distant communication was through physical mails.

The world, has changed and so has an industry in just a few decades, from the supercomputer to cloud computing, the IT Industry has gone far and wide, connecting people from all over, from the coldest of Antarctica, to the Space station beyond earth- Achieved with micro-chip’s, and software’s.

The IT industry is affected by few trends – one, Virtualization, at a multiple level’s of the IT Infrastructure– network, servers and storage. And Processes, maturity of the midsized business leading to improved processes, ultimately reducing costs of operations. As these ideas pan out across the length and breadth of today world, IT company’s are fast pacing the research and development, to ensure that the trends are packaged to suit the requirement.

Solution, ‘Cloud computing’! It is being touted as the be all and the end all of the trend, where else can one be Virtual and Process oriented. Off late, developing countries such as India, have recognized the immense potential of the concept. No more is it a concept, but the positive interests generated by the mix is what has forced larger OEM’s to look down, at the technology behind the same.

Cloud, clubbed with On-Demand services, immediate service offerings, IT up-gradations, has proved a real handy tool, for business and provider’s alike. Especially true where, recession and volatility in the market looms, and market’s are sentimental; IT investments are necessary but investment call for a board meeting.

The Indian market seems to be at the right place at the right time, a buzzing economy, and growing SME/ SOHO sector, and a steady improvement in the telecom infrastructure leading to better internet connectivity. All of it, with the rising cost of setting up an independent Data Center, an Inhouse IT and Software Maintenance team with recurring costs and overheads, it’s the right package for the market.

In future, blog’s I will touch upon a industries that will greatly benefit from the Technology and market’s that will be affected.

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A Unique Way to Publish a Book on Ipad, Iphone


Posted on : 25-07-2011 | By : Amitav C | In : SaaS, Uncategorized

A SaaS, Online Service for Publishing your Books other than Amazon Kindle

Using an online service, wherein you Register Online, create your Account, with your Publication’s name, add your e-book name, add the no. of pages you require, add the index, add the page content, and manage it using a Content Editor, add external media (like you would usually do with your wordpress blog), and publish it.

The Online Service Provider does the rest, that is publishes your e-book into the apple market. Soon to be Patented… huh!

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